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Green hydrogen production


Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element in nature. Considered a clean energy source because it emits only water vapor and does not leave residues in the air – unlike coal and oil – it has been used in industry since the beginning of the 19th century.


Obtaining clean hydrogen is possible through the electrolysis of water – a process of decomposition of water molecules through the passage of electrical current through them, producing hydrogen and oxygen. This process requires: ​​water, one or more electrolyzers, and electricity. If the electricity used is produced from renewable sources, the hydrogen produced is known as green hydrogen.


Green hydrogen:


  • It is 100% sustainable: It does not emit polluting gases during combustion or production;
  • It is versatile: It can be converted into electricity or synthetic gas. It can be used for both commercial, industrial, mobility or even domestic purposes;
  • It is easy to transport: It can be mixed with natural gas and travel through the same existing ducts and infrastructure;
  • It is easy to store: It allows use after its production.


It is also possible to take advantage of the oxygen originating from the process of separating water molecules. This oxygen can be stored and traded for:


  • Chemical and petrochemical industries, as a reagent to improve the productivity of numerous processes;
  • Wastewater treatment;
  • Metallurgy and steelmaking, in the welding process, for combustion and for adjusting the carbon content in steels;
  • Wine and beer production industry, through the controlled application of oxygen to stimulate wort fermentation;
  • Paper mills, for the ecological bleaching of paper, avoiding the use of chlorine-containing substances;
  • Hospitals for treating patients with respiratory problems or other illnesses.


In addition to the use of oxygen, it is also possible to take advantage of the production of thermal energy from the breakdown of the water molecule. This thermal energy can be recovered and used both to produce steam for industrial applications and to generate thermal energy to be injected into the distribution network or into the off-grid production of green hydrogen itself.


Euro FPV has several types of solutions to meet a wide variety of projects – from 243 kWh solutions to large-scale projects.


The production of large quantities of green hydrogen will play a key role as an alternative to fossil fuels. Let us work together towards a clean and healthy environment!


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