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Floating solar power generation projects


In floating photovoltaic technology, the panels float on the surface of the water instead of being fixed to the ground, as usual.

In addition to being a great alternative for generating energy from renewable sources, floating photovoltaic systems produce a series of competitive advantages over other technologies, namely:

  • Greater gains in energy production thanks to better efficiency obtained by the cooling of the temperature of the photovoltaic panels installed in the water mirror;
  • Better use of land for other activities, such as agriculture;
  • Reduction of water evaporation by up to 70%, accounting for an addition to the water volume of approximately 20%;
  • Reduced algae growth;
  • Use of the full potential of sunlight;
  • Ease of cleaning;
  • Ease of installation and deployment of the stations;

Euro FPV offers medium (kW) and large-scale (MW/GW) solutions.

Together, we will find the best option for your project and walk hand in hand towards the decarbonization of the environment.

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