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Our company

Euro FPV is a Portuguese company that was founded in 2020 through the union of a qualified team active in the market for over 10 years. We develop and execute renewable solar power-based energy generation projects and present complete solutions for the storage of this energy through the production of green hydrogen.

Power generation: The solution presented by Euro FPV for power generation is the use of solar power plant systems. The company builds and operates floating or ground-mounted solar power plants. Projects can be implemented on a medium (kW) and large scale (MW / GW).

Energy storage: To store energy on a large scale, Euro FPV relies on the green hydrogen production solution. Hydrogen is a universal fuel and can be obtained through a chemical process called electrolysis, which uses electrical current to separate hydrogen from the oxygen in the water molecule. For the complete solution, Euro FPV proposes in its projects the installation of solar power plants that are responsible for generating the electricity that supplies the electrolyzers. In this way, hydrogen can be produced from 100% renewable sources.

Hydrogen as clean energy: After being produced and stored, hydrogen can be transformed into electricity locally. To this end, Euro FPV uses a fuel cell in its projects, which uses hydrogen gas as a fuel to convert it into electricity. Our products are modular, scalable and designed to provide clean and stable energy. The use of hydrogen in fuel cells produces only electricity, water and heat, being the cleanest and most efficient fuel source. Other fuels (for example, fossil fuels, biofuels, biomass, etc.) produce carbon dioxide or some other harmful emission as a byproduct of their consumption.

Our differentiator: In order to make projects even more innovative and sustainable, we also propose the use of green plastic for photovoltaic central floating platforms. Green plastic – or green polyethylene – is a material derived from sugarcane ethanol. Its constitution is exactly the same as ordinary polyethylene – with the same properties, performance and applicability. It differs in that it comes from sugarcane instead of oil, being thus 100% recyclable and produced from renewable sources.


Offering renewable solutions to lead the transition to a future with sustainable energy and the lowest levels of CO2 emissions.


To become a leading company in floating solar energy projects and green hydrogen production. To be able to act directly in the construction of a world with lower CO2 emissions and more clean energy production.


Respect for the environment.